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The Brand

FunKyst Clothing

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Funkyst Clothing is a brand/movement even lifestyle, created by Matthew Lewis and Nana Dadson in 2009. We started the brand to fulfill our dreams of one day becoming entrepreneurs, and doing what we are most passionate about. Having different backgrounds and coming from different cultures we share the same ideas and concept of independent thinking. Leading yourself rather than being lead by the nose, the fact that we both share the same acknowledgement of how society is a disillusioned follow up of it self, with rules, bounds and regulations. The restrictions Hold on tight to all forms of creativity, and refuse to set them free with most people shown how to live, dress, speak and even which shops and brands you should use. FunKyst Clothing aims to discard all limitations and the ignorant views of the public, showing almost a lifestyle, reflected in the way you dress. Live your life with No restrictions. Lead, Never Follow.